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"Walls...are STUPID!!!!" ― Octopad

Octopad is the main titular character of the Octopad series. He was first created by Bradley Francois on March 2018 and originally stood on his tentacles.


Octopad is an anthropomorphic light blue octopus and like most characters, he has huge eyes, black pupils, and round teeth. He has five tentacles stands on three and uses the other two as arms.


Octopad is crazy, happy, stubborn, intelligent, mischievous, and sometimes short-tempered.


  • When Octopad eats too much candy, he goes on sugar rush. and sometimes uses all of his money to buy all of the candy in a store.
  • He and Marty are twins.
  • According to the creator, Octopad and the other boys are 10 years old.
  • On an Instagram story, the creator made a poll on who was the older brother, and most people voted Octopad, and this is actually true, the creator stated that Octopad was born 45 seconds before Marty, making Octopad the older brother.
  • On another Instagram story, the creator made a poll on what colour Octopad is, light blue or grey, and surprisingly, one person chose grey, and most people chose blue.
  • He is the creator's favourite character in the series.
  • He is one of the creator's most used characters.


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Marty is Octopad's brother, they share a huge relationship, in fact they can't stand being apart, they can get in fights (Smarty Marty) but they forgive each other right away. Octopad sometimes insults Marty, but it doesn't affect him because he knows his brother doesn't mean it.


Octopad and Winston are friends and share an unstable relationship but sometimes they can get in fights with each other. Winston can be a huge pain in the but by calling him "Paddie" and Octopad can get infuriated by that.


Octopad and Peri actually share a great relationship with each other. Although they don't show it that much.

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