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"What's wrong Octopad?" ― to Octopad in the first episode.

Marty is the deuteragonist of the Octopad series. He was first created by Bradley Francois on March 2018 and originally stood on his tentacles.


Marty is a light yellow octopus, he has a tuft in front of his head, like most characters, he has huge eyes, black pupils and round teeth. He stands on three tentacles and uses the other two as arms. He originally had two strands on the back of his head.


Marty is naive, intelligent, sometimes crazy and he is usually helpful and is considered one of the most kindest characters in the series though he sometimes gets triggered, like his brother.


  • According to the creator, he and the other boys are 10 years old.
  • He and Octopad are twins
  • the creator originally thought of giving Marty a "lookalike" afro. The creator states he regrets thinking of that.
  • On an Instagram story, the creator made a poll on who was the older brother, and most people voted Octopad, and this is actually true, the creator stated that Marty was born 45 seconds after Octopad, making Marty the younger brother.
  • He is Freddie Bird's favourite character in the series.
  • He originally had two strands on the back of his head but they got removed due to the creator being lazy to draw them when animating an episode.



Octopad is Marty's brother, they share a huge relationship, in fact they can't stand being apart, Marty is always on his brother's side no matter what. Marty also tries to prevent Octopad from eating too much candy and also helps him on situations.


Winston can sometimes be a jerk to Marty.



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